Let To Buy

Looking to take out a mortgage on a new home while letting your old one out to tenants?

You may want to consider a Let to Buy Mortgage if:

  • you want to move to a different area for a short amount of time but don’t want to sell up
  • your family has moved away and you want a smaller, more manageable property
  • you have to relocate due to a change of job but don’t want to give up your home
  • you want to move but you have had difficulty selling your property

WISEONE offers a Free Initial Review to help you find a Let to Buy Mortgage that offers several advantages:

  • You usually only need a small deposit (5-10%)
  • you can keep hold of a large and valuable asset
  • you can use rental payments received towards paying your mortgage repayments
  • you will have another regular source of income from the rental payments

Although let to buy could be the right choice of mortgage for you, there are important factors to consider. It is essential to let your existing lender / builder content insurer know that you are thinking about letting to buy as you could find you are in breach of your contract and your existing policy may not cover the risks involved in leasing a property to tenants.

Whatever your circumstances we’ll find a Let to Buy mortgage that’s RIGHT for you!

For all the advice you need, contact WISEONE on: 0161 776 2508 or click here and get a FREE Quote today.

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